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Luminaire Montreal is the place to go if you are looking for modern local Montréal Lighting, Contemporary style, beautiful and chic design choices. Discover Luminaire Montreal huge selection of modern Lighting pieces of Lighting at the best prices in the city. Our exclusive offers could change your home forever, either with matching funky colors, sleek designs and intelligent, ergonomic, comfortable elements of contemporary Lighting.

Come take a look at Luminaire Montreal and its wondrous Montreal Lighting collection . Your dining area will never have looked better! Add a sparkling crystal chandelier over your table for a nice effect. Imagine Swarovski Crystals, Asfour Crystals, Bohemia crystals, all shining in a rainbow of light over the graceful lines of your new European imported table with just a little help from Luminaire Montreal

Need bedroom Lighting? Luminaire Montreal offers a vast selection of Spanish and Italian bedroom Lighting sets in wood, aluminum and leather. 

Changing the lighting of a room can completely transform your home décor. The ambiance you want to give to your living room, dining room or any other room of your home depends on your choice of lighting . European style and design can help you personalize your living space by adding stylish elements, elegant details to your Lighting and add a bright cascade of rays of light to illuminate your house.

Luminaire Montreal Crystal models are all but ordinary, from the reinvented Modern Chandeliers to our ; Crystal is always a good choice. Dividing the simple light of the bulbs into a spontaneous rainbow of multicolored rays, Crystal is definitely the best choice of Luxury Pendants when it comes to Lighting fixtures in Montreal.

Luminaire Montreal offers you complete lines of Chandeliers , Ceiling Fixtures, Floor Lamps , Table Lamps, Wall Fixtures and Sconces in matching Modern or Contemporary design. Our Asfour and Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers are the leading brands in quality for Crystal, they will not disappoint you, come by our store to see our Chandeliers and Ceiling Fixture models in their entire splendor all throughout our showroom. We have over 100 choices of displayed in Luminaire  Montreals store!

Not appealed by shining crystal pendants? Ask about our exclusive selection of Iris Bohemia Crystal Chandeliers and Lamps. These Contemporary and Modern Lighting Fixtures are sure to give a touch of passion to any room, with their vibrant colors and innovative designs. Directly from Spain, they carry a subtle mixture of traditional Bohemia Crystal expertise and emotion packed shapes and colors.

Luminaire Montreal also has a vast selection of special order Lighting options for customers with very particular needs. We have immense Crystal Chandeliers and beautiful antique, modern and/or Contemporary design in European Lighting Fixtures and can be ordered in a variety of colors and shapes.

But why give up durability for looks? You don’t have to! Tough leather, solid wood, colorful Crystals and crisp chrome finishes are what makes Luminaire Montréal the best choice for Modern and Contemporary Lighting in Montreal Choose Lighting style designed for people of our times by people of our times. All style, durability and the ingenious, practical European design and see what new Modern Lighting can do to your home decor. Dynamic patterns, vivid colors, rich fabrics and funky styles are also available.

Let Luminaire Montreal decorate your house like no one else can, Modern and Contemporary Lighting allows you to express yourself through your own living space. Anything Luminaire Montreal sells, could transform your Montreal home into the most chic, trendy and cozy Modern environment and allow you to express your individuality through your own choice of colors, patterns and styles. Decorate in a Contemporary way, decorate in the comfortable, convenient, stylish and dynamic way, in one word, choose Luminaire Montreal  in Montreal.

In short, Luminaire Montreal can offer you the best in quality and design for any taste in Lighting Fixtures . Come see our vast collection today in our showroom.