Chandeliers and pendant fixtures are ideal for lighting up high ceilings and staircases. EuroStyle Lighting Montreal has many different styles and shapes of chandeliers and pendant fixtures, and these lighting fixtures can illuminate any room with grace and beauty in a vertical cascade of crystal light, shining branches of polished chains. Fill your high spaces with glimmering light and rainbow galaxies of light that unleash the beauties of your crystal chandelier from EuroStyle Lighting Montreal.

Take the chance to completely transform the lighting of your room by adding European crystal chandeliers and pendant fixtures from EuroStyle Lighting Montreal, as your principal lighting source. Use colored crystal chandeliers to change the atmosphere of your living room or just simple clear crystal chandeliers in a funky arrangement to pattern your walls with drops of light. The chandeliers that EuroStyle Lighting Montreal has are the ideal solution for cozy spaces which do not necessitate great amounts of light. Direct the light from your glass pendant fixture from EuroStyle Lighting Montreal to light up a specific spot in your room or simply use is as a second source of light with assorted sconces and table lamps.

EuroStyle Lighting Montreal offers the choice of bulbs when it comes to chandeliers and pendant fixtures. All chandeliers and pendant fixtures from EuroStyle Lighting Montreal can now be accompanied by LED bulbs. There are many benefits that can be seen from switching from regular bulbs to LED bulbs for chandeliers and pendant fixtures; these lights are sweeping European and Canadian by storm and can be found at EuroStyle Lighting Montreal. 
Firstly, from traffic lights and vehicle brake lights as well as in TVs and display cases, LED bulbs are used to permit a wide range of applications and can work marvelously for chandeliers and pendant fixtures. LED bulbs have very unique characteristics as far as bulbs are concerned; such as compact size, very easy maintenance, resistance to breakage, and the ability to focus the beam of light in a single direction. Such characteristics will allow LED bulbs to have an incredible versatility for your chandeliers and pendant fixtures from EuroStyle Lighting Montreal to not only serve as an immediate lighting source but also a beautiful centerpiece that will bring unity to your room. With LEDs offered at EuroStyle Lighting Montreal, your chandeliers and pendant fixtures will radiate with light for a longer time allowing you to enjoy the comfort of not having to change the bulbs every now and then. In fact, LEDs will use up only a small fraction of the energy used by a regular light bulb, for a longer and brighter lifespan. This means that with EuroStyle Lighting Montreal LED bulbs your chandeliers and pendant fixtures will cost much less to maintain.

The upside to LED bulbs is that they emit light in a specific direction, thus you will have a much more prominent light source when it comes to your chandeliers and pendant fixtures. Also, this will diminish the effect of diffused light. This feature makes LEDs more efficient in regards to regular bulbs and incandescent bulbs. At EuroStyle Lighting Montreal you can get any desired look for your chandeliers and pendant fixtures; however we do firmly recommend converting to LED lighting in order to maximize our savings. Surely many bulbs can fit your chandeliers and pendant fixtures and give it the desired effect, but you must take into consideration that most bulbs will use light deflectors in order to propagate the light and in those cases more than half of the light may never leave the fixture; but not LEDs. EuroStyle Lighting Montreal’s LED allow for maximum light output from your chandeliers and pendant fixtures without compromising your electricity bill.
Another great benefit from LED lighting for your chandeliers and pendant fixtures is that LED light bulbs have no Mercury in their manufacturing, or any other hazardous materials for that matter. EuroStyle Lighting Montreal highly recommends LED bulbs for your chandeliers and pendant fixtures because of the minimized health risk for your entire family. Another great reason to invest in LEDs at EuroStyle Lighting Montreal for your favorite chandeliers and pendant fixtures is that they do not emit much heat allowing you still benefit from the light emitting properties without damaging any material surrounding the bulbs as well as save money on electricity. EuroStyle Lighting Montréal offers different types of LED bulbs; LED bulbs come in different shades of light as well as in many different shapes and sizes.