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Luminaire Montreal is a Montreal based Lighting wholesaler specialized in European Lighting imports with Modern, Contemporary design. For many years, Luminaire Montreal has been offering the best of European Lighting Fixtures to our customers in the city of Montreal and its surrounding areas. We are now happy to offer a very large choice of original designs to light up any room with the perfect match of Lighting Fixtures . Luminaire Montreal products come directly from Austria, Spain, Italy and many more countries to assemble here in our wondrous collection of Crystal, glass, chrome and gold lighting fixtures

Lighting Fixtures from Luminaire Montreal are always the first and best element to change in a room if you want to renew your d├ęcor. No need to invest in expensive design furniture each year when you can transform the look of your room with a simple switch of Lighting Fixtures , a change in color from clear Pendant Crystals to bright red Crystal leaves. Give your atmosphere a funky and fresh new start with a brand new European Design Lighting Fixtures.  Great lighting quality, great Lighting Style, & great Lighting Design, everything to seduce a decoration lover, because Luminaire Montreal believes Lighting should never be overlooked in a good restyling, Lighting is an art and a passion.

The art of Lighting does not reside only in the brightness of the bulbs or the number of fixtures in a room, great Lighting Design can transform completely a living space from a dull neon Lights room to a classy, cozy salon. The art of Lighting is the art of reflection, of diffusion and refraction, it lies in Vibrant Crystals, intricate Chandeliers and design and style. Lighting Fixtures are a decorative and practical part of a room with which all the eccentricities are permitted, why? Because the functional part of a Lighting Fixture is not the Fixture itself, it is the light it bends and twists and turns to color, illuminate rooms with a sublime shine. European Modern Lighting Fixtures can offer you an alliance of quality, durability and style to customize any ambiance and add the missing touch to a room.

From the simple Pendant Lights to the most intricate Crystal Chandeliers , from the simple Sconce to the sculpture-like Table Lamps , you are sure to find the best of high quality Lighting among Luminaire Montreal vast choice of Lighting Fixtures Models.  Swarovski Crystals, Asfour Crystals and Spanish Bohemia glass are part of our collection for the most beautiful Light Effects and the best prices in Montreal . Intrigued? Discover the beauty of modern European Design Crystal Lighting Fixtures right here by browsing Luminaire Montreal website for all the details concerning our stock items. Contact Luminaire Montreal for more information on the promotions we offer and for more information about Luminaire Montreal products.